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Inspection Units

The Mobile Tech Fiber-Optic Splicing Trailer is a mobile unit designed for efficient splicing and testing of fiber-optic cables. It's compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all the necessary equipment and tools required for fiber-optic splicing, including fusion splicers, cleavers, power meters, OTDRs, and other essential testing equipment. Available in stock sizes of 6'x10', 7'x12', and 8'x12', there's a solution for every size need.

Custom-built mobile trailers typically house the most advanced equipment ranging from CCTV monitoring cameras, UV lighting systems, and monitoring systems, that allow inspectors to remotely monitor and assess the condition of underground pipelines, tunnels, and other structures.

One of the key advantages of a Mobile Tech trailer is their ability to be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries. For example, trailers designed for the mining industry may require additional safety features to ensure worker safety, while trailers used in the oil and gas industry may need specialized equipment to detect leaks and other hazards.

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